Project Description


Boat houses: New Project


A 3D thermal model of the boat will be created, which together with the thermal scheduled scenarios and the inclusion of the thermal characteristics of glass and structures, allow us to calculate the thermal loads under SUMMER and WINTER each air conditioned room.

Be certain that the thermal loads H24 in the day and in the most critical in cooling, and thermal loads maximum steady-state heating, directing the 3D model according to various points of the compass and placing it in the localities of navigation hottest and coldest laid down for this type of boat (under the terms of the project provided by the shipyard).

The results of the calculations, performed by Bcool Engineering, will create a precise map of the heat load of the entire boat and / or any conditioned room in particular are highlighted:

  • Indents heat from the casing
  • Internal loads (lights, electronic equipment, people, etc.)
  • Quantity Takeoff air renewal and its thermal power (if required)
  • Total load vessel in the worst conditions (necessary to select the central chiller)
  • Loads of area (necessary for sizing the fan-coils)