Project Description

Client: OVER BLUE – PLUS srl

Boat houses: Over Blue 44′


Work carried out

The heat engineering analysis, carried out thanks to the development of three-dimensional thermal model of the boat, the scenarios scheduled thermal and insertion of the thermal characteristics of glass and structures, was aimed to evaluate and determine the thermal power needed for air conditioning in summer and Winter of local life boat.
The calculation results have enabled Bcool Engineering to develop the air conditioning in summer and winter board to better fit the needs of the client and the future owner.

In detail they were calculated, designed and constructed:

  • Falls heat from the casing (opaque walls)
  • Falls thermal ventilation
  • Falls thermal windows
  • Internal loads (lights, electronic equipment, people, etc.)
  • Total cargo vessel under the worst conditions
  • Loads of area
  • Fluid dynamic calculations for efficient air distribution
  • Analysis of thermal comfort with environmental graphics PMV and PPD
  • Design and supply air-conditioning
  • Distribution system design and supply air
  • Supervision works