Project Description

Client : Architect and designer Marco Amadio

Boat houses: Oba Oba

Work carried out

Thermal analysis of the casing, sizing of the HVAC system, fluid dynamic analysis to optimize the distribution and supply air conditioning system.

In detail they were calculated, designed and supplied:

  • Indents heat from the casing (opaque walls), windows, ventilation
  • Internal loads (lights, electronic equipment, people, etc.)
  • Total load vessel in the worst conditions
  • Loads of area
  • fluid dynamic calculations for air distribution in the Owner’s cabin and steering Salone-
  • Analysis of thermal comfort with environmental graphics PMV and PPD in the Owner’s cabin and Salon-Wheelhouse
  • Design and verification of HVAC products
  • Sizing hydronic circuit
  • Dimensioning cooling sea water
  • Supply HVAC system – consisting of No. 1 unit Central Chiller inverter (50,000 Btu / h) + 8 terminal
  • Boat data OBA OBA
    Length : 18:36 m
    Width : 5.30 m
    Displacement : 27,000 kg